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Intelligence beyond the reservation

Welcome to the future of Dining Tech and Restaurant Management Software – a state-of-the-art platform MSP that delivers intelligence beyond the reservation.

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About us

Our Approach

eat2eat is the leading independent dining technology service provider supporting the main hospitality groups for over two decades. Our unique business model ensures that one size does not fit all – customizing our software solution MSP to meet the individual requirements of our clients. Completely on property brand, elevating the diner’s experience and satisfaction, a focus on making your staff’s job easier and more enjoyable and above all a ferocious protection of your client data. And of course, increased revenue.

As a company, we combine deep knowledge gained over two decades, a proven record of constant innovation and success for our clients and a team with a genuine passion for the hospitality sector.

What We Do


We only provide services for dining technology. This laser focus on our core competency ensures that eat2eat has maintained its position as a top 5 global service provider in this space.


Enabling our hotels to have ownership of their data, providing branded booking experiences and engaging with diners using cutting-edge AI techniques leading to notably higher Revenue per Available diner and an improved Guest Satisfaction Index.


By having complete control over diner data, the Group can directly engage with customers and customize loyalty programs to recognize and reward their patronage.


Integration of our platform with other key hotel systems allow for a 360 degree of the diner even before they engage with the restaurant or through contactless dining solutions.

Our Platform

Delivering across the entire vertical – reservations/table management/marketing/contactless dining and AI-driven revenue generation tools.

Your diner, your brand

Proven Platform for Growing your Business

MSP is the most advanced technology solution for dining that incorporates all we have learnt over the last two decades of working with the best hospitality professionals in the business.

We put you first. Your branding, your data, and your diner – all in one place.

Data is your most valuable currency

Core services should be powered by systems owned and managed by the organization - data is the (your) currency.

Your diner, your brand

Elevate your brand through personalized dining experiences tailored to your unique identity. Build lasting connections with your diners and solidify your brand presence in every meal served.

Who Owns Your Diner?​

The MSP system ensure a seamless integration between diners engaging with our restaurants over ‘owned’ channels and OTA channels.

As eat2eat uniquely ensures that all diners accessing restaurants on a Hotel-owned channel complete their dining reservation journey within the comfortable branding of the Group, we can ensure that there is a clear difference between booking on brand versus booking from OTA channels.

No other competitor offers this advanced level of white-labelled dining technology.

Guest Experience

Effortlessly elevate your guest experience.

Unify your diner’s touch points across all platforms and channels.

Take control of your restaurant’s success by leveraging the power of personalized experiences and targeted marketing strategies to delight your guests and boost sales.

Increased Revenue

Adding Real Value to F&B Operations

Anticipate a revenue surge through strategic up selling of table settings and preferred seating on your website. Enhance guest experience, drive sales, and maximize profits with targeted up-selling tactics tailored to your customers’ preferences.

25% Increased Revenue

Maximize revenue by leveraging insights from dining preferences and past behavior to drive growth and enhance customer satisfaction.

60% Repeat Diners

Encourage brand loyalty and repeat business by engaging with your customers on your branded channels. Build a lasting relationship content and promotions.

Reduce OTA dependence by 40%

By encouraging direct bookings on brand, you have the opportunity to lower the commission fees that are usually linked with OTA sites.


All Restaurants are on-line to take bookings - similar to Room bookings


All bookings tracked by the MSP system


Diner Data Captured and Analyzed - Potential link to your loyalty program


Full diner interface including feedback and preferences in real time


Track diner spending and preferences at every booking to increase engagement and revenue


Market to the diner through our Advanced Marketing Module (AMM)

Here are some of our key features

AI Chatbot

Our real-time AI Chat-Bot allows diners to opt in as well as share preferences and can even promote loyalty programme sign-in – “pushing” the data instead of the traditional and resource-consuming methodology of “pulling” the information. Call and message anyone, anywhere in the world.

Make cross-border communication easier. Add real value to your diner and your business

Enhanced Marketing Module

Engage and build meaningful relationships with your diner. Communicate over WhatsApp/WeChat in addition to traditional email/SMS and social media channels. Simply create your marketing collateral and upload directly from the platform, it couldn’t be easier- and to reiterate – it is always your data. We make sure of that

Real-Time Reports

State-of-the-art reporting capability that may be provided in real-time or sent to specified team members at a pre-defined time

Manage Reservation Efficiently

A ‘living’ reservation book with all details available at a quick glance or a simple tap on a name/photo.

Operational Actionable Intelligence

 The heart of everything we do - is the diner. A real time dashboard with full analytics including channels we may communicate to the diner over. Your diner, your data - always

Augmented Reality

Introducing Full Augmented Reality – a groundbreaking feature set to launch in Q3 of 2024! This innovative technology will revolutionize the dining experience for hotel guests, allowing them to virtually view and book tables with ease. With Full Augmented Reality, diners can see an actual representation of the table they wish to reserve, helping them understand how it looks before making a booking. 

Additionally, this feature will include an upselling component, enhancing the overall guest experience and providing personalized recommendations for an unforgettable dining experience. Stay tuned for the arrival of Full Augmented Reality, transforming the way guests interact with dining spaces.

An Open & Connected Approach to Integration

Our Team

Vikram Aggarwal

CEO and Founder

Chetan Kuchekar


Brian Hindson

VP Sales

Alistair Williams

Corporate Advisor

Neha Grewal

Director MarCom


The future of dining tech and restaurant management is coming!

Drawing on two decades of expertise with a relentless commitment to innovation, we've crafted a next-generation F&B reservation tech platform. It incorporates a detailed understanding of the hospitality industry and focuses on our passion for empowering our customers. This state-of-the-art solution drives growth, boosts revenue and elevates guest experiences for restaurants worldwide.
Vikram Aggarwal
CEO & Founder eat2eat

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